SPRING WEEKEND – So thankful!

I know it is spring because we had hail, snow, rain and sunny weather all in one afternoon.  Fortunately all that unstable weather was on Sunday afternoon, but on Saturday it was just plain beautiful.

Spent time in the garden revealing some of these:Many of the perennial flowers are starting to emerge from the dead bodies of last year’s plants.  I just have to clear the weeds out from around them.  Should do some weeding in my heart and mind at the same time to reveal some of the little bits of growth that might be happening there, but that’s a subject for a whole other post.  Not that I usually get to all those “whole other posts” but they do knock around my head among the weeds.

For now, I’ll just fill my mind and heart with gratitude – including some “hard eucharistero” which Ann talks about in her book, and I’ll quickly summarize and finding ways to give thanks for even the things that just don’t feel so joyful and which cause a lot of work or effort to deal with.

  • Signs of spring all around
  • Plans to move our office – although it is a lot of work to find the new spot (still looking) we know it will be the best thing for our business in the long run.
  • Deadline for appellate brief is less than a week away, and then we can return to a less crazy work schedule for Andy
  • A good day with my niece, baking and being outside
  • Great opportunities for my brother and his family, even though it means they are moving away and my heart breaks at the thought of how much I will miss them.
  • Fantastic parent/teacher conference – good communication, encouraging words from teachers, clear that J is adjusting to the new school and is progressing in his learning.
  • Watching J enjoying music worship at church sponsored concert
  • Robins spotted all around
  • Touching base with friends
  • A little bit of art done – project nearing completion
  • Running into old friends in new places
  • Fresh air to let in open windows
  • Getting some weeding done – being outdoors to do it!
  • Ideas and plans beginning to take shape for the summer
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