Actually, we are probably doing better than “Hanging In There” sounds to most of you.

Life is busy, but we are healthy, happy and saved, so what more could we ask for?

The new school is going great – grades are much improved and achievement is done almost completely independently – I do give rides to the library to get books for research papers and show him how to use the outline function on the computer, but other than that, he’s very much doing it himself.  Amazing how a different approach allows him to blossom and show what everyone knew was there but couldn’t figure out how to make it a reality.   No learning disabilities or social problems, just a boy who needed a different environment to gain the confidence he was missing.  J even described school to a friend as “fun.”  One momma here is kicking herself for not seeing the need for change sooner, but praising God for making it work now!

The office is busy, but also showing signs of being more efficient.  Just in time as well, as April 20th is a big appellate deadline, so much work is going into writing a brief while also continuing to meet the ongoing needs of other clients – balancing act for sure.

There is also a triathlon to train for – on Andy’s part.  While it might seem foolish to do that while drafting appellate briefs, it really makes the most sense.  The running/swimming keeps the body flooded with the right chemical balance to be calm and efficient.  It takes time, but it is an investment in productivity, so it works.  And he’s getting pretty good running times.  Although his longer runs mean that I run alone, which is less motivating, and I have to work on that issue.  The rapid cycling between 60 degree days and blizzards we’ve had for the past two weeks doesn’t help the running program either.

  • Several blog posts are in my mind waiting to be written.  In the meantime, I do want to pass on some links to things of interest.  As always, loving what Ann puts on her blog, especially as we turn or focus to Easter.
  • Also want to recommend this little page to all of you interested in seeing what a kid can accomplish when he sets his mind to it – glorifying God all the while!
  • Finally, very random I know, but I came to this photography blog yesterday and was both in awe and inspired, so I decided to share it with you – the author is frequently on a board I visit, and I don’t know what took me so long to get to her site, but I love it!

Happy Easter to all – He is Risen!

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