The greens of early spring time in Montana can be pretty subtle – like you kind of have to search for it.  As I am looking at blogs of people from other parts of the country, and they have full green lawns, even flowers starting to bloom I have to hold myself back from the temptation to be jealous or envious, which ever best applies (I know the difference is that to be jealous you have the right to the thing being used/owned by another, where as with envy you just want what was never your right to have, so I think envy would be the appropriate concept here.)

Here are some springtime updates:

  • We all heard the Sandhill cranes on the 24th – a couple of days earlier than usual.  J and I actually heard them together as we were sitting in the warm sun on Saturday afternoon, enjoying our back deck.  I think Andy heard them that morning on a run.


  • I got a few weeds pulled while talking with a friend on the phone – ground is soft enough that they popped right out.  Wish I had more time for that!


  • I’ve got 72 little starts of veggies and sunflowers going on the table by the window in our bedroom.  Now to keep Andy from piling his not quite dirty but not brand spanking clean shirts on them so and blocking the sun.  But we hope to be harvesting broccoli, squash (zucchini plants and 9 crook neck squash), peppers, cilantro, and basil from these early starts.


  • I’m just going to buy tomato plants later in the spring because I have never had luck with my own starts, and my friend Rachel often gives me a few of her extras, although I struggle getting those to come to fruit either – thinking of doing all tomatoes in pots on the deck where it is always warm and I can protect from the wind.  I really want to have lots of good tomatoes some year, but after 9 summers in Montana I’m still looking for the right way to be successful with them on my particular property.  That’s a lot of trying and failing, so I’m getting desperate.  If I could afford it, I’d look into those things that grow the tomato plants upside down and hang off the eaves – I think that might work.


  • When I was clearing the above mentioned clothing off of the mini-green houses last night I noticed that already there are a couple of plants sprouting.


  • I got out for a walk with a friend around a little pond (around and around we went four times for what I think was a few miles, but I’m not sure) in the crisp morning air.  Should have taken photos, but was too busy enjoying the conversation.


  • We are dreaming of baby chicks, but haven’t taken any actions yet – may have to wait again until next year as things keep coming up that prevent the building of the coop.  But it is fun to dream!


  • J is getting a tooth pulled today in preparation for getting braces this summer.  It is the first step, and we are excited to get it done, but I think he is afraid.  I would probably be afraid instead of excited it if was my tooth being pulled.


  • Planning for a yummy Easter dinner with friends and family – turkey instead of ham, baked beans (practiced the recipe last weekend), asparagus, homemade bread and a berry salad are all on the menu.  Dessert hasn’t been figured out yet, but something light I think.  Love hosting holiday dinners at our house.  It is so fun!

That is the spring time update for now.  Off to get some work done!

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