It takes some effort to keep the list going, but it feels so good to look on life from the vantage point of  being thankful.  Sometimes I struggle to put the hard things into thankful words, but I am thankful for them and the grace they bring into life.  Often the hard things involve others in a way I don’t have permission to share publicly, so you don’t get the details, but they are there.  And they are hard.  But they are also part of the growing and progressing and learning that end up being strength and opportunity.

And so the list continues:

816.  New clients for the office – thank you God for provision on the financial level through Andy’s provision of services to people in need.

817.  Antelope steaks received as an unexpected gift – and cooked without being ruined!

818.  J’s bravery in the face of change

819.  New Karate belt level for J, advancing him to another set of classes to be reunited with friends and to boost his confidence.

820.  Studying Philippians

821.  Snow for J to go snow boarding

822.  Make-up inspiration

823.  Settling into a work routine

824.  Faithful friends at our Bible Study who live transparently and invite us to be transparent with them

825.  News of new babies on the way for young couples – little as they may still be!

826.  Old linens tucked away in a box being brought out to brighten the house with a fresh look

827.  Spring days warm enough to wear Capri pants between the snow days.

828.  Robins hopping on the lawn.

829.  New clothes for J to wear instead of the boring old uniform

830.  J’s great sense of style and a funky belt

831.  Friends to spend the night with during Spring Break (three times!)

832.  Anticipation of the return of Sandhill Cranes

833.  J’s love of music from rock and roll to hymns to contemporary Christian styles

834.  Lunch out with my boy

835.  Karate community that allows us to be friends with new folks and enjoy encouraging each other’s children

836.  One on one Bible Study with a new friend

837.  Learning as I prepare to teach class

838.  Windows open to let the fresh air into the house and days warm enough to allow that to happen.

839.  Blades of green grass developing in the lawn – even though they are under the snow now, I know they are there!

840.  Honoring send-off a J leaves his old school

841.  Appreciation for photography

842.  Talk with Tamara

843.  Getting bills paid

844.  Progress on accounting issues

845.  People remembering to pray for J on his first day at the new school

846.  Mary Kay order placed

847.  10 inches of new snow helping to distract from the fear of first day at a new school

848.  Sharing stories of raising kids and finding commonality among moms

849.  Super cute book/story for Charlie

850.  Charlie turns one year and we got to be part of it

851.  J’s great first day at new school

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  1. You remind me today that I need to find reasons to thank you even in the hard things. I NEED to.

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