It has included:

  • Playing with a good old friend
  • Dinner with friends for the whole family
  • Two sleep over events – one at our house, one at a friend’s house
  • Snow boarding with a friend
  • Appointments
  • Clothes shopping for new school that does not wear uniforms – he wears men’s sizes now
  • Realizing that J’s shoes are getting too small – getting some new ones soon, now bigger than momma’s!
  • Sleeping in a fort all week – except that night that he slept over at a friend’s house
  • Wind so strong it blew the garbage can out 75 yards into the field
  • Regular Thursday night Bible Study and social hour with friends
  • Karate classes – 3 of them
  • A jump in a friend’s hot tub
  • Time change – where’s that hour of sleep we lost?
  • Cross-country skiing for mom and son
  • Sledding with lots of kids up in Hyalite
  • Work trip to Dillon for Andy
  • Work trip to Livingston for Andy
  • Laundry
  • Opening all the windows and letting the fresh air into the house
  • Lots of jail visits in two different SW MT towns
  • New clients
  • Old clients revisited
  • Motions file with court
  • Letters written to loved ones
  • Contemplations of chickens and some research about coops and how to build them
  • Sunny weather
  • Bike riding with a buddy
  • Temps in the 60’s melting the snow in our yard
  • Snow falling from the ski (right this minute!)
  • Floors washed
  • Blade of green grass spotted – hey, we’ll take any signs of hope!
  • Trip to Costco to purchase a crab
  • Sea food cravings satisfied
  • Lots of musing about gardening, hiking, camping, building chicken coops, etc.

Whew!  Vacation makes us tired, even when we didn’t go on any big trips.

Two more days of Spring Break and then we get back into school and a regular work routine.  The new school routine is going to take some getting used to – catching the bus in the early morning, meeting the bus in town in the afternoon just in time to hurry off to karate classes, and hopefully a bit lighter homework load and some great new friends.
Life is good.  Hard, but good.

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One thought on “SPRING BREAK 2012

  1. Elizabeth

    I like the chicken contemplations… we just ordered ours…picking them up next weekend!

    Looks like a fun and busy Spring Break!

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