My one little word for this year was “Light.”  A beautiful word, with beauty and inspiration and all sorts of others who selected it as their word.  It is romantic.  It is great for photography – if my whole life were photography themed I think it would work well.

But photography is not my whole life (darn it all), and Light is not working for me.  Not at all.

Too static.  Not enough movement in that word. 

I need movement.  I need goals.  I need a fire lit under me.

No, my new word is not “Fire” although that would be another romantic word.

Last years word, Proactive, was so good.  It was inspiring.  It took me through the whole year.  It got me places.

So I’m going back to that general theme.

This year’s word is now officially changed to “Progress.”

I am tired of treading water on certain issues in my life.  I want to start making progress.  I want to thrive, not just barely survive.

We’ve had a huge parenting decision to make over the past six weeks, and frankly the concept of light was not very applicable, but the idea of seeking a way to make progress was the very thing we needed.

We have financial challenges facing us.  Progress is needed.

I have nutritional, exercise and weight issues to make Progress on.

The office needs to make progress towards the goals we set.

Growth is progress.

So, progress is the word for the year.

No more sitting around looking at the problems.  Time to begin making progress!

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2 thoughts on “CHANGING MY WORD

  1. Wow. Beautiful photos! I am a WordPress photographer too, so I love seeing these kinds of posts! Great job, keep it up.

  2. Progress is a great word! Great post today!

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