Been absent for quite awhile.  Are you feeling fonder?  He he he!

I’ve had calls from folks asking if all is well.  Yes, all is well.  Life is busy, and the privilege of blogging has taken the back burner.  Thank you for your concern!

Posting photos of Yosemite and Tahoe areas because . . . well because every good blog post needs photos, I’m not at my computer with my own photos, these photos were all part of the “public domain” so I could use them without liability.  And. . . .

These places are meaningful to me and part of a plan for the future.

I have a dream of hiking from Yosemite to Lake Tahoe, and now have plans to make that happen the summer of 2015.  Seems like a long way away, but a 180 mile backpacking trip like that takes some planning.  And I won’t be going alone.  My so will join me.

Pretty cool dream, huh!  We’re excited about it, and using the next few summers to prepare.  Andy will join us for some parts if he can, and we may have other company along the way.

Now for some long missing gratitude:

762.  Birthday celebration for my wonderful husband

763.  Encouraging words from friend Denise

764.  “Smoking gun” found in a rare civil case Andy is pursuing – in our client’s favor!

765.  opportunity to investigate potential solution to school challenge

766.  J’s ability to handle stress is improving

767.  J’s healing from back injury

768.  J’s return to snowboarding

769.  J’s return to karate

770.  J’s fitting in at Youth Group and enjoying it.

771.  Being a part of Charlie’s baby dedication

772.  Ideas and inspiration for a unique photo shoot

773.  Lunch with Roberta

774.  Working more with Andy

775.  Enjoyable work with contractor as we prepare to remodel certain areas of our home.

776.  Friends willing to use their knowledge and talents to advise and help us in the remodeling activities

777.  The truck has been a reliable vehicle for us lately, despite it’s age and over 200K miles

778.  Celebrating J’s birthday

779.  J and T playing so well together

780.  Great pizza at Buffalo Jump

781.  boys enjoying Red Tails

782.  new light fixtures and the hope of a better kitchen lighting in our future.

783.  Superbowl with friends

784.  Smoked Pork Shoulder that tasted out of this world delivered to our door as a gift

785.  Lili’s availability to our family and helpful advise with difficult decision

786.  Mick and Kate’s generosity with their time and wisdom

787.  Decent storm to cover the landscape with clean white

788.  elk herd to view out the livingroom window

789.  running up Yonders

790.  Heart shaped cookies

791.  Valentines filled out in advance

792.  raspberries

793.  Appeal document filed successfully at the office

794. J’s mature understanding of difficult situations

795.  And and I working together well to address educational issues and brainstorm solutions.

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