A lot to be grateful for this week, probably much more than I have listed, but here is a tastes for what God provided for me this past week:

738.  Time with Elizabeth

739.  listening to Charlie’s cute little baby voice as he babbles

740.  Holding hands with Danielle as we hike

741.  Ideas well received

742.  Homemade pizza

743.  Frozen waterfall beauty

744.  Bald Eagles

745.  Friendship with Linda

746.  Improved running skills

747.  Fun watching football with lots of family

748.  physical therapy for J with someone we trust

749.  J’s joy at his team winning in a dramatic ending

750.  Friends at church

751.  Andy’s skills on behalf of clients

752.  Andy’s success after years of a particular legal battle

753.  Andy’s ability to handle a disappointment from the judge.

754.  Andy’s character in dealing with a devastated client

755.  Provision of legal successes to counter balance the losses

756.  Much needed snow

757.  Warm clothes for cold days

758.  Location of lost items

759.  J’s showing loving character in interactions with younger kids

760.  J’s ability to hand with the adults

761.  Time together as a family

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2 thoughts on “MORE GIVING THANKS!

  1. This is a nice idea for a blog post 🙂

  2. Kim K

    Just wondering if this list is still in progress or if you have been to 1,000 yet. How many times? I really need to do this sometime. I love your lists of big and little blessings! They all add up to a wonderfully faithful Father.

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