1.  I could clean my house of paper clutter weekly and still get a full draw-string kitchen bag of junk paper every week.  Where does it all come from?

2.  I’m starting Google calendar again, although I’m not sure it’s long-term value, it sure does help me get a handle on the schedule for the next few weeks, which seems a bit overwhelming without a tool to help me.  Thank you Google for free calendar software.

3.  All of the sudden it seems we have so many activities to manage:

  • dentist appointments to prepare for appointments – here we go on a big adventure!
  • medical appointments (nothing to worry about just taking care of business);
  • hair cuts – gotta try to be beautiful! 
  • setting aside time to do the work for getting taxes prepared – ugh!  I want this done by Jan 31 so it doesn’t spoil more than one month this year;
  • field trips at school – cross-country skiing with science lessons out in the mountains!
  • volunteer stuff for various non-profits (me and Andy both on this one). 

 On paper it all fits in, but I think we are going to be pretty tired!  And how are we going to keep in things like an hour a day for exercise, karate, Bible Studies, etc.  Scheduling is a challenge, but see number two and I am thankful for a tool to help me wrap my brain around all of this.

4.  If I get exercise in a particular day, my eating seems to be out of control.  But on the days where I get the eating under control it seems the exercise doesn’t fit in with the unexpected event.  My theory is the unexpected events keep me too busy to eat all the little nibbles through the day, but they also keep me from exercising.  All the same, I’d like to have a few days where I had both managed well – is that asking too much?

5.  New laws in town about only hands free talking on the phone do not seem to deter local drivers from using their phones while driving, and not in a hands free way.   I don’t have hands free, so I don’t take the phone out of my purse while driving.  Sure it is less convenient, but it is just the way it has to be.  Plus (a little bit of a soapbox here, so be warned!) I heard that driving while talking on the phone, even with a hands free, impairs your driving more than drinking and driving.  So, I’m an advocate for no phones while driving at all.  Sorry if that offends you.

6.  I suspect the City of Bozeman will have a sudden influx of money from the fines they issue to people who drive while they use phones in a non-hands-free manner. 

7.  That reminds me, our contract on our phones are up and I need to research if there are some cheaper options.  Gotta be, right?!

8.  Somerset Studio is really good this month – just in case you wanted to know.  I think there are three or four projects in there that I intend to try.

9.  Part of the reason for the time management mentioned above is because of Somerset Studio this month.

10.  I might already be over-budget on my art supplies this month because of Somerset Studio.

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  1. Kim

    No-phones goes into effect 1/17. When will I ever get all my calls made? 🙂

  2. Rebecca

    I may have to out Google calender. We have the main family paper calendar on the fridge, and I have my personal calendar on my phone, but sometimes I still manage to forget things.

  3. I remember watching a segment on Myth Busters about the driving while drunk versus driving with a cell phone – don’t remember the outcome, but believe it was close. Since I don’t drink, and rarely get a phone call while driving (and pull off if I do) – I really didn’t pay close enough attention. I do, however, have to harp at my husband for picking up his phone every time it buzzes (e-mail, text, call) while driving – he should know better. I always struggle with ‘do I keep the phone on?’ so if there is an emergency, I can immediately call 911 — or ‘do I keep the phone off?’ and deal with the time lapse in turning a phone on in order to call 911 if there is an emergency. Either way – I am against using phones while driving; or eating, or drinking anything, reading, and especially putting on make-up (I’ve actually seen people do that!).

  4. Celine

    In Montreal too, there is a law on cellular phones and driving – you need to be hands free – but I see so many people still talking on their phones while driving!!

  5. If you have a smart phone , you can sync google calendar with your phone. I don’t know what I do without this! Wherever I am, I can see my updated calendar and schedule away!

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