I’ve continued to work on giving thanks.  For the past week, here are a few of the things I got written down:

715.  Sore muscles reminding me I accomplished a challenging run

716.  Hard work on school assignments

717.  Successful week of school

718.  Packages in the mail – unexpectedly

719.  New cases for the office

720.  Lunch with Linda

721.  Anticipation of a visit from EKL.

722.  A house to de-clutter

723.  Friends to meet in the grocery store

724.  Janice and her encouragement

725.  consistent exercise

726.  The sound of coyotes howling in the night

727.  Roads without ice

728.  Playing cards

729.  Creative ideas

730.  Time sharing art magazine with a friend

731.  clean diningroom table

732.  bald eagles living nearby

733.  making a schedule to order the days and accomplish the tasks

734.  Tea with Elizabeth

735.  A husband who encourages

736.  Not being later than the others necessary for the event so that my tardiness did not inconvenience anyone.

737.  Time to clean the art room some

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  1. The piles of snow look so pretty

  2. You have reminded me to look a little deeper for my gratitude journal. I never would have thought to be grateful to have a house that I have to de-clutter . . . but you are so absolutely right! We live lives of such abundance! And now I’m grateful to you for the reminder!

  3. Elizabeth

    Beautiful and so peaceful!!

  4. There is few things better than #735. So thankful for mine. Thanks for the reminder.

    Jumped over from 1000 gifts

  5. beautiful shot!!!

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