Sometimes it takes a lot of light at the end of the day to see the beauty of the fences and the puddles we encountered through the day.  A lot of light!

But the beauty is there, if we (I) just take the time to find it and focus on it.

As I work through this first week of the new year I find myself already a bit muddied from the puddles, and frustrated by the fences I think might hold me back.  But these are just little bits of the picture. 

Taking the time to step back and see the light of Jesus shining in the healing and the cleaning and the climbing and stretching of my life makes all the difference in the world.

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11 thoughts on “LIGHT AT THE END OF THE DAY

  1. I am blown away with your photography! And your writing is beautiful. I will look forward to seeing what you do with your inspiration word this year!

  2. I love the way you think! That is simply a beautiful image and I love how you’ve turned it into an object lesson.

  3. Beautiful shot!

  4. Beautiful scene.

  5. Elizabeth

    Love that you chose Light to be your word for 2012. Beautiful images.

  6. Lauren

    Lovely, the colors are softness of this are beautiful!

  7. The photo is stunningly gorgeous, and another perfect shot for Light!

  8. Wow! Your photo is absolutely breathtaking! Thank you for sharing your truth in this space. It’s inspiring!

  9. The lighting is just gorgeous in this shot.

  10. so so pretty. and peaceful.

  11. KerryP

    Beautiful scene photographed beautifully!

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