My world, like all people’s, is full of light and dark.  The light of all those wonderful people and events that bring joy, given to me by a loving and caring God who is intimately involved in the day-to-day happenings of the world.  and the dark of storms that blow through, bringing me opportunities to grow and develop through perseverance and self-discipline.  It often seems that there are always storm clouds on the horizon, but often, that is the very element that makes the light of right here and right now so very beautiful.

My list of gifts from God is continuing:

691.  Social opportunities for J.

692.  Bruised elbow not broken and works well

693.  J stacked the wood, bruised elbow and all

694.  Dinner with friends

695.  cross-country gear fit the boys and they had an outing

696.  Peace with simplicity

697.  One Little Word ideas to play with and think about

698.  Left overs

699.  Running as the boys skied home

700.  Plenty

701.  Clear crisp colors of the landscape after rain

702.  Beautiful photos on the blogs of others

703.  Faster running time

704.  Husband who keeps himself in shape

705.  J has karate goals

706.  Freedom to stay at the ski hill with J and his friends

707.  J snowboards

708.  homemade bread

709.  family time

710.  the ability to comfort J when he is frightened

711.  J’s openness about his feelings

712.  J’s perseverance in the face of fear of failing

713.  an afternoon of photo taking

714.  “Light” as a word to inspire me this year

714.  Living on a landscape where the light is always bringing visual drama.

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2 thoughts on “LIGHT AND DARK

  1. Susan Beth, I just opened the thread on 2Peas and found your blog. It will be fun to follow your blog and keep up with you, since I feel like I “know” you after the light classes. I would love to have you follow me too!

  2. Great way to capture the snow when he is snowboarding.

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