Our Christmas was a simple one, just the three of us, going to church, cooking together, father and son sledding in response to a last-minute invitation from a  friend at church, quiet around the house, time to enjoy each other and the many little things that got unwrapped yesterday morning.

I often have romantic dreams of how the day should go, and this year was not exception.  I wanted a day focused on Jesus.  A day full of realization that His sacrifice started long before the cross.  It began when He left his perfect home in heaven, separated Himself from the rest of the Trinity and humbled Himself to live among us.  He put on bones and muscle and skin to walk among us, leaving behind that which we can only imagine as part of the heavenly God-head. 

 And He did it all as a gift for us.  No need to wrap it in ribbon and bows, it was and is and always will be the perfect gift.   The gift that is the only true source of hope and joy and peace in this world.  the gift that should be enough if only I would keep it in my focus and build my world around it and nothing else.

But I struggle to avoid the distraction of ribbons and bows and neatly wrapped gifts of material things.  I fight to resist the temptations of more, and more often than I care to admit, I give into those temptations instead of feeling satisfied with the perfection that was given to me long before I was even born.

Making The List helps me to realize that the more, the material, the things of distraction are gifts from Him as well, and they can turn me back to Him if I will just take the time to see His hand in every single one of them.

And so The List goes on:

668.  Days off from school

669.  Great recipe for turkey

670.  Friends at church on Christmas Day

671.  Christmas day engagement for a wonderful couple.

672.  Yellowstone so close to our house

673.  Grandma is with Jesus

674.  Wood for J to stack.

675.  Good books to read

676.  Safe travels through the canyon on a snowy morning

677.  J’s good balance for board sports

678.  Good photo of J and I

679.  Christmas gifts from REI to support an active lifestyle

680.  Beautiful skies at sunset

681.  Pink light reflecting on the snow

682.  Christmas Eve in Yellowstone

683. Complements on some of my photos

684.  Christmas means Jesus

685.  Left overs from Christmas dinner

686.  Pumpkin pie

687.  Invitations from friends

688.  Photo inspiration

689.  Warm sunlight through windows

690.  Groggy laughter before dawn

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  1. Jumped over from Ann’s and love all your gratefulness!

    As a teacher it is so nice to have days off from school and extra time to read the Good book along with some good children’s books!

    Blessings on you in 2012!
    In His Arms, Beth

  2. Melissa

    Love your photos and your heart in this post. Simply beautiful. Thanks for stopping by my little space:)

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