It is not often that we get fog at our house.  That is not to say we aren’t foggy-headed, just that the weather is rarely this way.  But yesterday it was foggy for a brief while, and I had a few minutes out in the yard with my camera.  These are some of the photos.

It amazes me how God is already planning for spring when officially winter hasn’t begun yet.  But the buds of Mays green leaves are already on the cottonwood trees even while there are this past years dead dry leaves clinging to the branch making a home for little bits of snow.

This Christmas preparation week is chalk-bluck full of errands and activities and visits with people.  Hard to believe it will all get done.  But most importantly, I’m hoping we can prepare our hearts for a focus on Jesus.  To see the presence of our Savior in all the excitement of preparations.

And to know that we are surrounded by reminders of his power and glory, even in the fog that comes so rarely to our part of the world.

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  1. Beautiful images. Everything looks so innocent in the snow and fog. Thaks for sharing with us,

  2. Your photos are stunning! It really is amazing how God begins working in the midst of Winter.

  3. absolutely beautiful. thanks for sharing!

  4. Beautiful photos!

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