I  don’t have any profound words to say before presenting my list anymore.  It just speaks for itself.

649.  Surviving crash

650.  J’s joy at family time

651.  Andy and J getting time together

652.  Elk meat for us from Jim L.

653.  Generous heart of R & J

654.  Time with Denise

655.  Fresh clean snow

656.  Time off from school

657.  J’s sense of humor

658.  Provision of new clients

659.  Rejuvenation of art

660.  Books with ideas grounded in the Word

661.  God’s proof that my tears were not grounded in reality.

662.  Reconnecting with friends

663.  An appreciation for Grandma

664.  Baby born in the bathroom.

665.  Mentorship of Mick and Kate

666.  J getting social time with friends

667.  Parent interaction at Karate

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4 thoughts on “THE NEVER-ENDING LIST

  1. roseann elliott

    hi neighbor….your first thanks..praises…and elk meat…I have never had that…not much elk in Tennessee….
    Blessings to you…

  2. Lists like these DO speak for themselves! 🙂

  3. Wonderful.

  4. Beautiful list and gorgeous photograph.

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