Seriously, where did I get off taking such a long unplanned blogging break.  Got the wind knocked out of my sails a bit  there, but I think I’m back in fine form – or I hope I am.  Although if you saw how many typing mistakes I’m having to correct as I go, you might wonder a bit about me and my sanity.

Since my last exciting update, many things have changed.  Here are some of them in list form but not in any particular order:

  •  I am a year older, but not really any wiser from what I can tell so far.  Happy birthday me!
  • Oh, and for my birthday, my cousin had a baby – in the bathroom at her house instead of in the hospital as planned.  You can read about it here.  Pretty exciting.

  • We aren’t going to California for Christmas after all, so were scrambling to adjust our plans and expectations – pretty much has sunk in, and now it is just nailing down the plans.  I think we are going to console ourselves with a Christmas Eve  trip to the Lamar Valley in Yellowstone, which will be spectacular, I’m sure, but not the same.  After  all, that new baby, born in the bathroom will not be in the Lamar Valley.

  • I’ve been busy making gifts – can’t tell you yet, because it might give away some surprises.  Let me just say that I hope to finish up the last of the non-food gifts by the end of this evening.  But the consequence is that not a single page is completed in my December Daily book – foundation pages all done.  Photos taken through about the 14th – then had a few days of not getting it done.


  • Got all my packages mailed and half the Christmas cards mailed.  The other half are all addressed, but I ran out of stamps.  Will get more tomorrow and finish the mailing.
  • J is now on Christmas break, and we are planning loads of fun activities, after a day (tomorrow) of hard slave labor for his mom – he owes me for something, and I am going to get my walls washed and some other big deal chores taken care of as a result.

So, that accounts for most of the time away without giving away any deep dark family secrets – don’t you love a blog post with a bit of intrigue!

Now, for a bit of bitter-sweet news.  It appears my Grandma is going to be with Jesus soon.  From what I understand she fell last week, hit her head, broke her cheekbone, and has some bleeding in her brain.  In line with her wishes, her children determined not to allow surgery.  She is 89 years old, and has been anxiously waiting to go see Jesus for many years now.  I haven’t seen her in 5 years or so, and wish I could see her again, but not if it means she would be delayed in the beautiful journey to heaven.  She is a believer in Jesus and all a life of following him provides, so I know I will see her again.  I am at peace with this impending loss and just pray that in His mercy she will be in the kingdom of heaven very soon.  And that my dad will find comfort through this challenging time.  Obviously, prayers are welcome.

Time to get that last gift finished so we cn get on with enjoying this time of Christmas preparation.

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