0.  Number of  items I purchased on Black Friday, Small Business  Saturday or Cyber Monday – well, that excludes the groceries I bought yesterday afternoon.

1. Number of gifts I have left to purchase for J’s Christmas.

2.  Number of turkeys cooked at my house for Thanksgiving – 1 cider brined (yummy) and one deep-fried (okay but dry compared to the cider brined).  I was responsible for the cider brined bird, and I won’t say who was in charge of the deep-fried fowl, except that it wasn’t me since one turkey is just about all I can handle on a given day.

3.  Number of families attending our Thanksgiving (although until noon on Wednesday we were only expecting two).

4.  Number of miles I ran on Saturday and now run routinely – is three times in 4 days “routine?  No going back once progress is made!

5.  Number of pieces of clothing I need to alter for a Christmas gift for a certain niece – Thank you to Salvation Army  1/2 price day for providing the articles to be altered for under $5.

6.  Number of days since our last snow fall and number of days in a row I’ve exercised.

7.  Number of batches of jelly I need to make in the next couple of weeks.

8.  Minimum number of hours I need to sit at the computer and  get photos processed in order to be “caught up.”

9.  Number of dishes I personally made for Thanksgiving dinner (if you count the gravy as its own dish, which I do since it had its own recipe). 

10. Number of dollars I spent on gas this morning and I need to actually fill up when I go back to town this afternoon.  $10 of gas is really less than 3 gallons, and certainly not enough to go into town more than a couple of times.  Sheesh!  I remember when $10 of gas would get one through a week or so.  Times are different, that’s for sure!

15.  Number of miles I’ve run since Thanksgiving morning – notice a real focus on the running.  I’m feeling pretty proud of myself for what I’ve accomplished, considering that a year ago I could not run more than a mile without having to walk a ways.

20.  Number of pounds I hope to have lost in 2011 (still have a couple to accomplish, but with all this extra running, it feels attainable!)  If I can do that again in 2012 I’ll be almost done!

30. (Or more) Number of pounds of meat given to us by hunters in the last two weeks.

342.  Amount of dollars we had to spend unexpectedly on the truck/plow repair – UGH!  Holding our breath on making it to have the money for our planned Christmas trip.  God will provide what we need, the question is whether we need the trip, although we know we want it.

644.  Number of items on my gratitude list so far – I’ll post some of those tomorrow.

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  1. Elizabeth

    All of these numbers seem pretty great!! (except for that 342.) Way to go on the running!!! You inspire me… maybe we can run Dead Horse Trail next month?

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