Right here in our home (or on our home I should say) this beautiful etching of a meadow or forest  or wetland scene (depending on your imagination) came to be Saturday morning.  God is the most talented artist ever!


Isn’t it beautiful.

The window does have a crack (little boys and bb guns can do that), and there is some dirt on the window, but all the same, can’t you imagine little forest animals skipping through that scene?

Funny thing is, it was the only window in the whole house with frost on it (although the  outside temps were well below zero).  I think it has something to do with the crack in the window allowing moisture between the panes.

It stayed through Sunday, but was gon on Monday morning when it was much warmer.

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  1. That pic is just amazing! Thanks for sharing.

  2. LOVELY!!! Frosted windowpanes are the best. I think my house is too warm inside for the windows to properly frost up… or maybe it’s the weird vinyl window material instead of plain old glass…

  3. Funny, before I even read your post, that is exactly what I saw. It is stunning indeed! And you’re right, God is the very best artist!

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