Yeah, you already know that, but I’m pretty excited.  Got my free Town and County turkey defrosting, as tomorrow it goes into a cider brine – thank you Daniel Wendell for the inspiration to search out the recipe for this.  Used my Costco rebate to get some of the specialty items needed for the meal.  The menu is all written out – simple but yummy, with way to many carbohydrates  – stuffing, mashed potatoes, sweet potatoes, bread, oh my!  Just one more trip to the grocery to finish out the ingredients and we are on our way!

In keeping with the week, and my attempt to have a habit of gratitude  to remind myself of all the gifts God gives to me on a daily basis, the list continues:

616.  J healing quickly

617.  New time sheet designs

618.  Sledding hill near by

619.  Free turkey

620.  Good academic week for J.

621.  Sparring to cap of J’s week.

622.  Beautiful snow landscape

623.  Thrifting finds to meet needs and budget

624.  Time for art

625.  Pair of bald eagles in trees to be seen out back window

626.  Access to camera

627.  Family sledding outing (two of them)

628.  Getting on a sled and riding for the first time in years.

629.  Christmas music

630.  Winter light on snow-covered landscape

631.  Gift of antelope meat (a whole grocery bag full)

632.  Elk meat found in the bottom of the freezer

633.  Recipes that work for game meat

634.  Christmas gift progress


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3 thoughts on “GIVING THANKS

  1. Visiting from Multitudes on Mondays…

    Your list is helping be get in the Christmas mood:))) Although sledding in Dallas is, well up to HIM, I love the childhood memories I have.

    Have a blessed Thanksgiving!

  2. Lovely photo and a wonderful list!

  3. you’ve got me all curious about how a cider brine works? sounds yummy

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