We woke up to -5 or so this morning and the chill was in our bones. 

But we also had a fresh dusting of snow from last night, and it really is so beautiful.

Here are the promised photos of our “daring for us” activity:

Yes, even after the pull-behind-the-tractor-accident from Christmas 2008, we dared to try a pull-behind-the-Subaru.  For the last three years this activity has been strictly forbidden by a Papa who just didn’t want to risk injury to his boy.

J could not have been happier!  We pulled him up the hill for almost half a mile at a reasonable pace, for both safety and a touch of thrill.  Just what a pre-adolescent boy needs to feel a bit of thrill and danger – they are wired for that, don’t you know.

The rest of these photos are views we saw Sunday late afternoon from the bend in the road at the southwest corner of our friends’ property on Yonders.  It was a beautiful afternoon, and we hope to have more outings like this as the snow continues to pile up – 4 more inches expected on Friday should make for a bit of sledding opportunity again this weekend!



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5 thoughts on “BURRRRRRRR!

  1. What a beautiful landscape! I always want to touch the snow although it must be so chill as I’m an tropical person 🙂

  2. Lovely, lovely! We haven’t had much snow yet. My kids would go NUTS for the opportunity for a pull but that’s not really practical here.

  3. susan beth…your pictures are always so beautiful. that second to last picture gives me chills…the whole of His creation just echoes His glory.

    hope y’all are enjoying the snow 🙂 (and i thought waking up to 26 degrees this morning in OK was cold! 😉 )

  4. gorgeous gorgeous! love your shots! they are indeed made for adventure. My DH and DS are doing Wild at Heart together and I’m hearing alot about this concept as a result

  5. Looks like fun!! Reminds me of growing up in Wyoming & sleading with my brothers & sister =)

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