We knew J would love sledding – he always does – so we planned an outing even before he asked.  He asked about 1.5 hours after we had secretly talked about it being a good idea.

So after Sunday afternoon errands on the way home from church, and after watching the end of a football game, and after a nap on the couch for papa, we headed up to the spot where I go running, and did some sledding.

J said it was “the best sledding excursion ever” and the reason why was because of the photo below:

Yes indeed, it was because his momma got on the sled and rode it down – more than once!

And I feel good about being the momma who participates in the activities rather than just watches and takes photos.  It is part of my proactivity goals, and also my general desire to be fit enough to do these things.

Although I did take some photos too – actually, a lot.  More tomorrow, because we did something quite daring for us, and the landscapes were stunning as a storm was blowing through but no dropping any new snow.

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  1. awesome job getting in front of the camera 🙂

  2. that looks AWESOME. Amazing photos.

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