Getting straight to it this week:

595.  Yummy Dinner

596.  December Daily materials all right on hand

597.  Good company and conversation

598.  Happy boy

599.  First snow fall of the season

600. Hopeful billing solutions

601.  Coupons to share

602.  Scripture

603.  Communion

604.  Help with home decor

605.  A whole month ahead

606.  Sleeping boy

607.  Thick bed covers on single digit nights

608.  Back Gammon with J.

609.  Inner peace

610.  More art inspiration

611.  Run in the falling snow with Andy

612.  Cuddling in the morning

613.  Wood for warm fires

614.  Enough supplies to do projects

615.  Hand-me-downs that meet the needs of others

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  1. These are all great, and as the recipient of hand me downs I can say It makes a big difference in the lives of others.

  2. love reading these. So good to remember how God blesses and cares for us.

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