The first of the month always feels like a new beginning. 

No time wasted yet.

No goals missed yet.

30 days ahead to get things accomplished. 

Today especially I sense that.

It is motivating.

So many things to accomplish this month – probably more than are possible, but right at this moment I feel like I can do it all.

And no, I am not manic, just optimistic and excited.

Complete change of subject:  J is growing like crazy.

 Here are some other facts about him:

  • He’s continuing with his Karate success;
  • He’s looking forward to snow and snowboarding – has his pass and is just waiting for snow;
  • His show size is already a mens 8 – can’t fit into my boots and athletic shoes anymore;
  • He takes  time to make those little flips in his hair every morning, and he swishes those bangs around all day long;
  • There are big improvements in his academics, but still a need to get him focused on staying organized (lack of organization kills him!);
  • Although he is still anxious, especially about school stuff, he is handling it much better than in the past few years;
  • He runs a mile a day (part of managing anxiety) at least 5 days a week;
  • His understanding of faith is profound and by all appearances, God is integrated into all he does;
  • He’s learning to sing from his teacher, who has the talent to teach that;
  • Since September 6th he’s grown over an inch;
  • He continues to have a heart for others;
  • He drives the truck around our property – all by himself!
  • He did his last trick-or-treating last night – we age him out at 12, which he will be next by next years festivities;
  • He adores Stanford football last Saturday’s game in particular!

Have a great start to your new month of November!



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One thought on “A NEW BEGINNING

  1. What a handsome young man and he sounds like a real winner. How cool that he already has relationship with God. such a blessing!

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