I just have too many things I want to say.  So it will be “Wordy Wednesday” instead


  • I’ve been wanting to share that on Saturday I did a trail run with my husband – just on the other side of that big hill in the photo above.  What is remarkable about that is that it was with my husband, who is a runner extraordinaire, and I never thought I would be able to do a run with him.  But it worked out pretty well.   Slower paced than he would have done on his own, but still, it was together time.  It was also faster than I would have done on my own, and it was really hard at some points.  But I did it, and that is what counts.  And my husband says I have “good running form.”  Hump.  I’ll take it.


  • It is after 11 a.m., and there is still frost in the yard.  I’m guessing that is a sign that the fall isn’t going to be mild much longer.  J was really hoping for a blanket of snow, and some of the frost does look like corn-snow, so maybe his prayers were answered.


  • Leo has begun to use the house as a hallway from the sunny back deck to the garage – he whines to come in the back door, prances across the kitchen, and whines to go out the garage door.  This is not my idea of a good plan.


  • I have got the Christmas bug – would put the tree up tomorrow if I thought it wouldn’t draw criticism from my hubby.  I’ve got projects and plans, and all sorts of things overwhelming my brain.  Hoping to get a handle on the time to try some of my ideas out soon.  May have to play some Christmas music during the day when I’m here alone – that won’t bother anyone!


  • Just to put a stink in my Christmas decorating, it looks like some long-awaited remodeling for our livingroom might happen – this is a barter with a client, so I’m excited to get done what we otherwise could not afford, and I think he’s pleased to have legal counsel he could not otherwise afford.  But it cold be while to finish out the project – weeks, but hopefully not months.  We’re using lots of reclaimed materials we’ve collected for free, which lets you know it will be a fairly rustic appearance.  I’m excited for it to be done!


  • Just in time for the cold weather, the defrost vents in the truck are not working.  So, I’m tasked with getting an estimate on that repair.  Maybe the mechanic needs a good criminal defense attorney and we could barter?  Probably not, but I can dream.


  • Speaking of bartering, I traded photography with my brother for his skills at some home repair.  As a result, the door down to the basement is now a half-door, with a little ledge, allowing the heat from the basement heater to loft up and warm up much of the rest of the house.  And, all the doors in the house and garage now shut better, and a couple of windows are repaired – although he did advise that we needed to replace two of them eventually.  I love bartering!  Now I have to process his family photos – soon!


  • I heard all kinds of frightening statistics about Halloween yesterday.  Did you know the average American individual spends $42 on Halloween candy per year?  Well, I’ll tell you, someone must be getting a lot more than that to make up for the fact that this stingy family doesn’t spend a single cent on it – no trick-o-treaters in our neighborhood, and if I ate even a portion of a bag I wouldn’t be able to go on the next run date with my husband.  No, no!  Not going to buy our share.  But really, $42 is like half a week’s groceries around my home.  And that doesn’t include the money spent on costumes and decorations.  Wow!  How can we afford that as a nation and culture?  I just don’t get it.  But then, if it was Christmas related, well, I could easily jump on the band wagon and probably spend more than I should.  Especially in light of the venting system in the truck needing work.
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  1. mooney=mc2

    My goodness, no exaggeration, I want to sit right there at that fence, with a cup of coffee, and think about how amazing the view is. Beautiful.


  2. prepare for the real me coming out…..I cannot stand Halloween and cannot wait for it to be over! There, I said it.

    In my effort to comment on people’s blogs I have had to abstain from commenting on Halloween posts as it just goes against every fiber in my being.

    Somehow I don’t think those poor blog owners would appreciate what I might say.

    Ok, sorry for the rant.

  3. Thank you for sharing 1000 gifts with me, thanks to you I am now reading the book and it’s so exactly what I need!

    I am considering a second tree this year. Our regular real one… and a smaller fake one, so I can have lights in our family room LOL

  4. Beautiful picture!!! 🙂

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