What to do, what to do????

Some days being proactive means having to select between a variety of activities, each of which would be helpful in accomplishing long-term goals.

Today is a day like that.

I have a lunch date with a woman from church who was recently widowed – she’s lonely, and although we’ve never gone on a lunch date together before, it seemed like the right thing to do when I invited her on Sunday – see 1 Timothy 5: 5: 

 The widow who is really in need

and left all alone puts her hope in God

and continues night and day to pray 

and to ask God for help. 

That is the type of woman I’m having lunch with – one who is in need because of her loneliness, and who is faithful in asking God for his help.  So, that is sort of set in stone for my schedule today.

But what to do with the hours before and the hours after.  You see by going into town at the noon hour I will be shortening my time at home significantly.  Once in town I won’t be running back to the house and then back into town for after school pick up of J.

In the three hours before I need to go to town I have about 6 hours of activities to choose from:

  • go for a run,
  • clean clutter in the dining room,
  • put away laundry,
  • get a start on the October time sheets for Andy’s office,
  • process photos for friends,
  • move some furniture in the basement,
  • do some last bit of touch up paint in J’s room.

All of those things work towards my long-term goals, and all of them need to be done.  But they are not all going to get done in the time I have left.

Then there is also the decision of what to do when I’m done with lunch and it is not yet time to pick J up from school – I’ll be in town, with no real errands to do, and not really a budget for a shopping spree or any other such non-sense.

These are two situations (before lunch, and after lunch) where I have to make choices and proactivity is a factor.

Frankly, no matter what I choose for the morning, it will be proactive, and that is good.  It is just a matter of deciding which of my goals are a priority today. 

Since I did step on the scale this morning I think I’ll be running, but there will be time for more than that.  Probably processing photos because I want to get those to someone else (I tend to prioritize things that also have an immediate impact on others).

As for the afternoon, I just thought of a couple of errands I could do.  They won’t take up the whole time, but they will be good to get going on, helpful to Andy at the office, and leave me with less time to fill.  What time I do have to fill, I might just go to the book store and wonder.  Doing something relaxing is not un-proactive, and I know I can go to the book store, relax and not spend money.  So, that’s my plan.

Making the little choices really is what proactivity is all about for me most days.

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One thought on “PROACTIVITY DAY 20 – CHOICES

  1. Mary Jo

    Thanks for sharing because I am really find myself struggling with use of time lately. And I become overwhelmed by my to do’s. I am not feeling productive most days.

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