The day-in-and-day-out activities of every day life can be so . . . uninspiring.

Who feels like they made a difference in the world after a day of vacuuming dust bunnies from under the bed, sweeping up pet hair, wiping down counters what feels like 18-million times a day?

Certainly not me. 

The big thrill of my day yesterday?  I found a glass under the bed.  It was all ringed with hard water stains, as what little was left in it when it slid under there had evaporated over what I assume were several months.  (yes, it has been several months since I crawled under the bed with the vacuum wand and cleaned out what resides there).

Being a good thorough cleaner, I took that glass right down to the kitchen, rinsed out the dust bunnies and poured white vinegar into it to dissolve those white rings.  Set it aside, figuring it would take a good 24 hours to correct the build up of a couple of months.  I was feeling so proud of myself for knowing this little housekeeping trick of vinegar to get the rings off – inexpensive, effective.  I felt pretty good about myself.

Big thrill, huh?  That’s what I mean about the day-in-and-day-out being uninspiring.  Keeping the big picture in mind when doing these tasks is so challenging. 

How do I remind myself that these are the very tasks that allow us to get on with the bigger goals in life.  A clean house is more relaxing for my husband to come home to.  When my husband is more relaxed at home he can be more productive at work.  When he is more productive at work we make more money and his clients are better able to accomplish their goals.  When we make more money we are better able to afford the things that are needed to meet our long-term goals – like tuition for the kind of education we think is best for our child.

So those day-to-day thing are part of proactivity.

Just a bit of  follow-up.  As I prepared for bed last night I heard J calling down from his room with a bit of panic in his voice, asking his dad if he was okay.  Apparently J heard a terrible choking/gagging noise and thought his dad was in medical trouble.  J ran down stairs to rescue, I called down trying to determine what had happened as I tried to get decent so I could follow J down there.  

After a few moments I heard Andy saying with a certain amount of indignity in his voice at that time squeaky voice: “Who would leave a glass of vinegar on the counter for me to take my pills with?  Why would you do that?”

Apparently he popped his pills in his mouth and took a big swig of what he expected to be water, and was more than a little surprised.

Poor Andy, went to bed with J and I still giggling at the humor of it all.


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4 thoughts on “PROACTIVITY DAY 19 – DAY-IN-DAY-OUT


  2. LOL. Happy activities to you!

  3. oh my, that is truly funny. Sorry for the poor guy though. Great thoughts, truly useful things Susan.

  4. That is so funny. And so yuck! Poor guy xxx

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