When the flu, funerals, painting projects and the daily struggles of life result in being a bit behind, go simple.

But don’t forget to be mindful of the gifts God so generously provides:

570.  Living in a beautiful place

571.  Encouraging words from fellow moms

572.  Work done around the house

573.  Memorial service that preaches the Gospel

574.  Marilyn’s joy in life and peace in death

575.  Cottonwood trees turning yellow

576.  Photo opportunities.

577.  Slobbery kisses from Charlie

578.  Keys found

579.  Apples picked and given away

580.  Hand-me-down bedding that works perfectly with J’s new room color

581.  Pumpkin pancakes

582.  Brownies in freezer for lunches making life easier because of pre-preparation.

583.  Office supplies stocked up on some time ago supplying what we need now.

584.  Frost on the logs waiting to be split and stacked.

585.  Time to clean house in the morning

586.  Work-arounds that help get a task done.

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5 thoughts on “PROACTIVITY DAY 17 – CATCHING UP!

  1. eggthoughts

    Definitely smiled when I read #578. Many a time I have been thankful for the same thing!

    Hmm.. a friend was talking about pumpkin pancakes.. might have to give those a try one of these days!

    Beautiful list. 🙂 ~Frances

  2. ISn’t “keys found” always a wonderful relief.
    so much stress… and then *poof* there they are and the world feels a bit easier.

  3. 574 – blessings and good thoughts for you.

  4. I love 576. Thanks for sharing

  5. Praying for complete healing friend.

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