Around here we have to be planned and purposeful about relaxing and resting.  If we don’t, Sundays become just like any other day of tasks and work.

That isn’t to say we don’t do some tasks, but usually they are of a different nature.  More enjoyable.  They may be hard work, but they aren’t the kind of things we do the other six days a week.

And we take the time to be sure we are together as a family.

I wish I cold tell you we do a Sunday Dinner every week.  We don’t.  Maybe some day we will do that.

How are you being proactive about getting down time for your family on Sundays (or whatever day you choose)?  Leave me a comment to let me know.

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4 thoughts on “PROACTIVITY DAY 9 – A DAY OF REST

  1. juls2000

    Sounds wonderful! We do have a nice family dinner on Sundays. It’s a time for us to be together without all the crazy schedules! Enjoy your day!

  2. We did the same thing today, except we did a little road trip and leisure shopping then had dinner at a little Italian restaurnt that has outside seating.

  3. I think we’ve made progress in this area. I was usually willing but my time challenged Hubs had a tough time resting. There is never enough time in a week to accomplish all that is needed but we are improving slowly. Our Sundays involve a very full half day, (from 7:15 to around 1:00 PM serving on the Worship team which isn’t really rest, but it is a blessing) The rest of the day sometimes involves an errand or two, a nap and some hanging out and tinkering on projects.

  4. Kim K

    Sunday Family Dinner…always, even if it’s out at a restaurant.
    Sunday Naps….always, even if it’s just a quick one.
    Sunday housework and shopping…only if I absolutely have to.
    I love Sundays being different than the other days of the week.
    Sometimes it’s hard to make them that way, but we try!

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