Proactivity Day 8 – Learning to take photos

So, when the other moms saw what the weather was like (photo above), funny thing, they all backed out of the socially proactive hike I had arranged for yesterday morning.


But I went anyway – yes a woman alone hiking in the woods.  Not saying it is right for everyone, but it works for me on this particular trail that is very well-known to me.

To make good use of the time, I took my camera, and between spurts of power hiking, I shot a few photos.  Sort of set an assignment for myself to try to get some fall bokeh.  I’m learning, and getting the f-stop  right for both focus and depth of field takes lots of just doing to get the hang of . 

Here is one of my attempt, with f/1.8, which is probably too low:

Focus is just  not sharp.  No two ways around it.  And bokeh is just about lost because of it.

But I was afraid to go with too high an F-stop and lose all the Bokeh.  I thought for sure 3.2 would be too high for good bokeh, but as you can see below, it wasn’t really.

I’m not claiming that’s the best bokeh in the world, but it is much better focus than the previous photo, and the over all impact is pretty pleasing – IMHO.

So, by being proactive about taking photos, I’m learning.  Still have a lot to learn with bokeh, but have to turn my attention to a lesson on back lighting if we ever get some sunshine this weekend. 

For me, the proactive part is just doing the photos instead of thinking about them and reading about them.  Doing.


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One thought on “Proactivity Day 8 – Learning to take photos

  1. I’d say you’re doing great. Bokeh is greatly affected by the distance from which you are photographing. You can get bokeh even at f5.6 if the distance between your focal point and what’s in the background is greater. Love your shot. both of them actually!

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