Not to brag here, but today I am reaping the results of being proactive socially. 

I love to get together with women and enjoy each other.  It is a lot of fun and good for the soul.

Earlier this week I invited many of the moms from my son’s school to go on a hike today.

And some of them accepted.

It is too easy to limit ourselves to just seeing each other after school and chatting before we take our children home.  YOu can’t imagine how many of them were delighted to be asked to do this activity.  Not that they could all go, but they felt loved and included because of the invitation.

And we are building community among a group of women who might not know each other if their children did not got to school together.  That is good for the school too!

And it is good for me, because I am the type that could just sit back and wish to be social and wait for someone else to do the inviting. 

But today I get to be social because I was proactive.  How about that!

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One thought on “PROACTIVITY DAY 7 – SOCIAL

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