I didn’t get to blogging about proactivity yesterday because I was busy being proactive.  That’s what you thought, right?

Actually, it is true, I was being proactive. 

The beginning of the month brings about a task that is daunting for me – doing the billing for Andy’s law office.  It is daunting because it means a good 5 – 7 hours in front of the computer tracking a months worth of time in 6 minute increments.  It is tedious, and I’m not always good at tedious.

So, I’ve set out to get the billing done as early in the month as I can.  And this is proactivity at it’s best because it shows a plan, a long-term goal being reached for, not just motions being gone through.

With billing, the long-term goals  are as follows:

  1. Be supportive of my husband in his work by doing what would be a burden for him and does not require his particular expertise.  That in turn allows him to grow his business to something that can support us in the lifestyle he believes is best for us.  It also allows him to do his work in a way that has time to treat his clients with respect and not as just commodities that help him pay the bills.
  2. Help our household make money – lets face it, without the billing, we wouldn’t get paid, and then we wouldn’t eat.  Plain and simple.
  3. Reduce my stress by getting it done as soon as possible – no nights waking up thinking – I’ve got to get the bills to the Public Defender or they won’t pay us until next month, and then we won’t be able to pay the mortgage or the phone bill, or buy gasoline, or have dinner every night . . . and on and on and on.  No, don’t need those kind of nights, so have to get the billing done a.s.a.p. each month.

That’s the thing with proactivity – it gives a hope that all the things we set out to do can be accomplished. 

Note I said a hope, not a guarantee. 

Yeah.  That can be hard to swallow sometimes.   It is just a hope, and not a guarantee. 

Wouldn’t it be nice if there was a guarantee that being proactive about a chore like billing would bring about the achievement of all our goals?  Why, then all of life’s goals would be in the control of us and what we do.

But that isn’t the way it is.  We can get all the things done, be proactive about every aspect of our lives, even drive ourselves to exhaustion running around making sure that what we want is accomplished, but that does not guarantee achievement of all our goals. 

Circumstances change. 

Other people’s actions impact our pathway to achievement.

Sometimes we even change our mind about our goals and don’t want the same thing any more.

But there is one hope that doesn’t change.  The hope in salvation.  It really is a guarantee.  You know why?  Because it is already accomplished.

Christ already died for our sins on the cross.  When we have faith and believe in His promises it is more than just the hope of things to come.  It is the assurance of what has already been done.  Through that assurance we can look to the future of heaven, not knowing exactly what it will be like, but filled with hope that will not be diverted. 

Now, I’ll continue to try to get my billing done early each month, because it is a step towards some goals that I hope to achieve, but know may always be elusive.  And it is responsible.

But it is not the thing I hang my hat on in life.

Faith in Jesus, well now, that is a hope I’m willing to hang my hat on.

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3 thoughts on “PROACTIVITY DAYS 4 & 5 – IT BRINGS HOPE

  1. solid post and truly encouraging about getting stuff done.
    may everyone be a whole lot more proactive today!

  2. you’re inspiring me to get my butt off this chair and do something!

  3. I like proactive – I’ve learned to go ahead and do the right, hard thing to make things better in the long run (and because stuff happens in the long run so being proactive is also preventive). I’ve also learned that my expectations of where my actions take me are not necessarily where God is really taking me, so since he won’t let me read the end of my story before it’s done – I’m in for a lot of surprises! Sounds like you’ve got a good Proverbs 31 thing going on there! What a blessing!

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