Style . . .

I had some time to do art today, which hasn’t happened in a long time.  So I went for it. 

I think it may take a while to re-find my style.  there are elements of it in this layout, but now that I see it posted here, I know several things I would do different – like lift the title up 3/4 of an inch, and the journaling too.  Not sure I like those white spaces.

But hey, it has been months and months since I’ve put art work on this blog, so I’ll try not to complain too much.

Oh heck, I’m going to go change it.  I can’t stand it!

So, here is the edited version.  Not a huge difference, but makes me a bit happier.

Lesson here: don’t go so long without making a layout, because you do indeed get rusty – at least I do!

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7 thoughts on “Style . . .

  1. Sarah

    I love those colors on that layout! Your photos are gorgeous, too!

  2. Those are some great pics! love the color palette too.

  3. I get rusty if I don’t scrapbook for a week… haha

  4. glad you got to bust out the crafty goodness! I love it!

  5. Michelle

    Love it! So glad you took the opportunity!

  6. Beautiful layout! You are making me want to dig out my stuff and just play around for a while!

  7. Lauren

    It’s may be a small detail change but it has a huge impact!!! Lovely layout…

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