1.  I’m taking a “class” from two really talented photographers at Two Peas In a Bucket (Molly C. and Anne – paintedmoon).  I’m learning to use natural lighting for portraits.  This is one I took for the second assignment.  That was in my barn, and no flash or other artificial light was used.  I am definitely learning a lot!  This is the highlight of my week!

2.  Leo is very naughty these days, and eating any people food left unattended on the counter or table.  I’ve had to make two breakfasts for J some mornings because of this frustrating behavior.  And Leo is not getting fat as a result because, well he just decided to boycott his own food – apparently my cooking tastes better than Ol’ Roy dog food from Wal-Mart.

3.  I can still run 3 miles non-stop, but I’m adding more variety into my exercise.  Today will be day 7 in a row of exercising (3 runs, 2 step-aerobics sessions and 2 bike rides).  But tomorrow I’m taking the day off because the schedule is just so busy.  Now I just need to get the eating under control.

4.  J is starting to make his phone calls to get sponsors  for this year’s spell-a-thon.  the photo above is his class, and he’s right there in the middle holding the “h” and the “o.”  In October he’ll have 100 words on his spelling test, and folks are invited to sponsor him for each word he spells correctly.  The money is used to help the school with general expenses – books, teacher salaries, etc.  The students are motivated by prizes for the student with the most money raised and the student with the largest number of sponsors regardless of how much money was made.  So, for those of you who think you might be on the list to get a call from this guy, think about it, because even a penny or a nickel a word could help him feel successful towards his goal of having the largest number of sponsors.  And it is a good cause.  You could even leave a pledge in the comments of this blog – he’ll get it and then contact you with necessary information.

5.  We thought little Sophie was pregnant, now we aren’t so sure.  So, maybe we’ll have a kitten or two in the next three weeks, maybe we wont.  It’ll be a surprise either way.

6.  Pumpkin scones are working well for us these days – except not so well for the weight loss goals that are motivating the exercise discussed above.  Have to get that under control.

7.  We had frost this past week, which is leading me to believe that next week I need to  hike up to Lava Lake for a photo adventure.  I did that a couple of years ago and got some wonderfully fun photos of frozen dew drops and etchy little ice crystals on bright red wild berries.  Want to come along?  I’d love the company.

8.  It is probably time to start thinking about Christmas cards and photos and crafts.  I love the idea, now just need the time to get on it.  Where does the time go every day?

9.  (Okay, this is a bit political so skip it if you think you might get offended.)  I was hopeful about Rick Perry being a candidate I could support, but the HPV vaccine issue makes it impossible for me to  vote for him.  I’m not flat-out against the vaccine – although it raises some issues – but I am against a government official who thinks he can make a parenting decision for all parents of preadolescent girls in his state.  No thank you!  Still looking for a candidate, ’cause I don’t think any of them are real exciting.  I’ll vote, but right now it looks like the choice will be very distasteful.  And I know it won’t be for Perry.

10.  We’re probably trying to squeeze too much into our lives these days, so while I’m excited about some of the things we’re doing, I think we’ve got to be a bit more careful to take the time to relax and care for ourselves.  Know what I mean?  Yeah, I think it is a common issue.

Back on Monday with things to be thankful for.


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  1. It’s hard to be believe that we are nearing the end of 2011 this year. And to be honest, it’s pretty rare that I’m excited about a political candidate these days. As I’ve aged, my perspective has changed so much. I find that what I read in Scripture so rarely lines up with how politics are done that it’s difficult to be very optimistic.

  2. I didn’t skip, and totally agree. Gov’t right now is making me crazy.

  3. Michelle

    The picture looks great. Are you taking an in person class or a online class?

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