Last week was the first of school for J, and as you  can probably guess, that brings about changes in routine.  Good changes in some ways, but this momma misses your boy during the days.

But I do like the routine that the school schedule brings upon us – get the boys out the door for school, go for a run or do other exercise, office work, house keeping, pick up J from school, and so on.  Forces a bit of order into my days and weeks.

With the integration of school and it’s related activities, we haven’t forgotten our need for some fun.  We made our first trip to the river of the season this year (it is still technically summer until the 23rd, and the weather has been warm enough).  We may be late in getting out there, but the boys had some fun splashing around in the cold, cold water before a rare treat of dinner out – just a burger at a local cafe, but some really great family time.

These things may seem mundane to so many, but they are part of the joy God gifts us with all throughout our lives.  Gifts that are worthy of  counting, and gifts that document His great love and care for us.  To be sure I don’t miss out, I continue to count.

500.  Laundry to fold means we are well clothed.

501.  Good August billable hours.

502.  Friendly wave as I’m out on a run.

503.  Late season raspberries

504.  Small group Bible Study

505.  Holding J’s hand as we walk the field after papa goes in.

506.  clean bedroom and toy room.

507.  walking with Andy at dusk and talking as we go.

508.  late in the day trip to the river.

509.  The joy of a boy who is participating in sparring at the karate school.

510.  the sun on the webs of barn spiders

511.  conversations at the dinner table

512.  Unexpected visit from the relatives.

513.  Andy and J tossing the frisbee together before dinner.

514.  morning bike ride with sun on the dry grasses.

515.  water push-ups in the river.

Thank you God for all of this and so much more!

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5 thoughts on “FOR THE LITTLE THINGS

  1. I am still struggling to find my way with all my kids back in school this year! Wonderful photos and a great list!

  2. LOVE all of your photographs and enjoying the end of Summer well! 🙂
    Love your Thankful heart…I too love finding blessings in the every day little things. So much JOY! 🙂

  3. love the list! A great reminder

  4. Looks fun and cool in that river!!!

  5. Missed you the last couple of weeks. Good to see you back.

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