through the day-to-day of his growing up. 

Maybe of my growing up too.  although I’m not young and I should already be grown.  Still, we walk and grow together.

Last Tuesday we walked by 11 waterfalls, and grew together in our experience.

I let him lead – as a man should do.  Set the pace, recognize the places to be cautions, start the conversation, make decision about direction – do we continue on or turn back. 

He did well. 

I let go of my control so he could step into the role of man – it was a constant internal conversation with myself to hold back the suggestions and encourage him with my body language and my words that he was making great choices – which he was. 

I do not want to be the parent that provokes anger (Ephesians 6:4) by giving leadership and then undermining it. 

It is a struggle within me.  For the sake of my child I continue to hold my tongue over the little things. 

So he can be respected and learn to lead I step cautiously as I approach the brink of various falls, knowing that his fear of heights causes him to advise more caution than my habits dictate.  But over-cautious I am to honor his leading.

As we hike along those 11.5 miles he tires, and towards the end our roles reverse – he reaches for my hand as a comfort while he fights fatigue.  I am, after all, his Momma.  His comfort and safety.

But I’ve learned not to underestimate his abilities.  It is time to call him to more.

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7 thoughts on “TOGETHER WE WALK . . .

  1. i have the same struggles…i’m always anxious to step in and interfere. good for you for being aware of it! pretty pictures!

  2. Margrethe

    Looks like a good trip! Thank you for commenting on my wordless Wednesday. I’m nearing the end of the first draft of my thesis, but continue to read theory and other research to back up my analysis/findings 🙂

  3. this is so beautifully written! how lucky is he to have you as a momma and you to have him as your son:) z

  4. Wow Susan, you are truly a wonderful mom. I am pretty sure I just grew as a mother because of your wise example. And for the record, you are right to keep growing. The alternative is stagnation…..and that stinks. TFS

  5. Those photos are beautiful and what thoughtful journaling, looks like a great day was had!

  6. Beautiful post and beautifully written Susan xxx

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