They played all day, these three.  Swinging and building and tramping through the creek.

Days like this are an affirmation of the decision to work for Andy from home.  Who could not be blessed by three boys happily at play.  That would not happen if J was having to come to work with me or stay home alone.

This last month of summer is for more of these days.  And for hiking and biking and berry picking and lounging.  A month of low-key fun. 

I missed my gratitude list the last couple of weeks, so here is a modified one:

  • early morning runs and the cool of the morning;
  • friends for J to play with;
  • the sound of happy boy voices playing down my the creek;
  • evenings splitting wood as a family;
  • provision from God in every area;
  • healthy pumpkin muffins;
  • Nanking cherries;
  • puffy clouds;
  • parental unity;
  • neat handwriting from a boy who struggles in that area;
  • starlings feeding on a hatch above our creek;
  • time to organize and clean;
  • peace with decisions to cut back;
  • gleaning from a friend’s berry bushes;
  • hollyhocks coming into bloom.
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4 thoughts on “A SUMMER’S DAY

  1. what a heart warming post. Beautiful days they look like!

  2. That is what summer is about! Being able to play and explore outdoors! 🙂

  3. lovin’ the list of thanks! And what a blessing to live in the country and enjoy nature. I loved growing up that way!

  4. This is definitely my definition of summer! TFS!

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