1. Andy ran the Bozeman Triathlon and took first place in his age group.  (He’s the one in the middle with the black and white tank on in the photo above).  Not bad  for a guy with a metal clad hip.
  2. Andy was also the oldest guy in his age group for the race.
  3. Being back to karate was a real joy for J.  I think he’s found his sport.
  4. J and I hiked 11.5 miles and saw 11 waterfalls on Tuesday – great mom and son time!
  5. We have 6 couches in our house right now – thank you to the Ervins for giving us theirs as they prepare to move. 
  6. There are only spots for five couches in our house. 
  7. Anyone need a couch?  We have one to give away.  Needs a bit of recovering, but otherwise structurally sound.
  8. J is getting a “flop room” in the basement, with a couch!  Now we need to find a used DVD player so he and his friends can watch movies down their.
  9. Sleep overs with two friends are great.
  10. Watching three boys building and playing outside all day long is well worth the loss of income it takes to stay home and work from home.
  11. I need to practice transferring calls from the house to Andy’s office – failed three times this week.  Only tried three times, so that’s not a particularly good average.  Fortunately two of the three fails were with a police officer, and since he’s not a paying client, I’m not too worried about him getting cut off – plus, I warned him that it was a new system and he might have to call back.
  12. This is the first weekend since summer started that we didn’t have some big event taking us away from our property. 
  13. Lots of chores around the house and yard to do this weekend.
  14. God is blessing us in ways beyond our imagination!  He truly is “gracious and compassionate.” (Psalm 111:4b)
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3 thoughts on “FACTS OF THE WEEK

  1. Truly enjoyed reading this post. I laughed out loud more than once! TFS

  2. Michelle

    Congratulations to Andy!

  3. This post inspires me to get off my couch and go to yoga class….Well, almost! That is a lot of marathoning, hiking and karate going on!

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