Part 2

Left off the last post on July 3rd.  We spent the fourth around the house and then for a bbq dinner at our friends the Thompsons – a bit of a tradition, although due to need to rise early the next day we did not stay for fireworks.  Hopefully next year because they almost always have an amazing show. 

Early on the 5th J got up and we headed out to the airport where he was being picked up to fly with his friend’s father to the Flathead, so he could join two buddies for time at the lake.  Imagine, J got to fly over the beautiful state of Montana in this little plane. 

Just to  throw in a bit of excitement, apparently on landing one of the tires had a flat, so it was a bit . . .  shall we say bumpy.  J didn’t tell me about that until Andy and I were up at the Flathead to pick him up and take him home by car. 

While J was in the western part of the state, Andy and I stayed home and worked.  It was my  last three days at Petra, and I had quite a bit to do.  Including, a photo of the new building as it is progressing for a magazine article about the school.  To get just the right shot I had to stand on top of a bulldozer type piece of equipment.  Here’s the proof, and the only self-portrait I’ve done in a long time:

So, I guess it was good that the workers had all gone home and didn’t see me climbing on the roof of their big equipment.

Again, while J was gone Andy and I walked in the evenings.  Then on Thursday after work we packed up the car and went to the Flathead for a couple of days of relaxing with our friends and the boys.

The three boys are all school mates and they also go to the same Karate Studio.  The get along great and had a blast playing at the lake.We only got to see a small amount of their activities (more on that below).

I want to point out in this photo below the shirt my son (on the right) is wearing.  We sent him on this trip with a bit of spending money, and expected he would spend it on frivolous things.  But when we arrived we learned that he had gone to the farmers’ market and got this shirt – he also spent money leaving a tip when the three boys went out to breakfast on their own.  I have to admit I was impressed with his money management and what he chose to spend his money on.  Good choices!

While at the Flathead J kayaked and swam, and hitched a ride on neighbor’s boats.  He got sunburned as well, which was a bummer – you know the whole blisters, pealing kind of burn, but hopefully he learned a lesson about re-applying!

These are the three amigos, just hanging out at the hot-tub which was just outside the condo door.

Being at the lake gave Andy a chance to get in some open-water swims as he prepares for the Bozeman triathlon at the end of the month.  He’ll be doing the sprint race, but that is still amazing considering the hardwear in his hip!

I didn’t get in that cold water, but did hang out on the docks and enjoy the views and the good company of friends.

We really owe a special thanks to the Loia family for inviting all of us to be part of their time at the lake.  It was a generous and special blessing for them to bestow on us.

We got home last Saturday, and on Sunday Andy was off for a big run in the Bridger Range with is sister – unfortunately not a terribly successful run as the dog  (hers) got sick, she twisted her ankle, and they came back early.  But J enjoyed playing with his cousins while they were off on the ill-fated adventure.

We started the new work week with my first day as Andy’s full-time support persons.  I got a new phone system and internet connection installed and up and working, met with a web-designer (Kyle Blackmore who we Bible study with), and have leads on health insurance plans in addition to the time sheets, photocopying, and filing I do.  It was a busy first week!

But wait, there is more!  J also had a sleep over with 7 of his school-mates.  Only five could actually sleep over, but there were 7 here until well after 11 p.m.  All had a great time!

Now we are preparing for an equally busy and exciting next couple of weeks. 

  •  J has a birthday party and sleep over tonight;
  • we have a wedding tomorrow;
  • early Sunday we leave for three days of camping in the Wind River range of Wyoming with the Beckers – oh so good to see them after more than a year;
  • when we get home Grandpa Gary and Grandma Nell are coming into town to meet Baby Charlie and visit all of us Montanans relatives;
  • J will be in a pig wrestling contest at the Gallatin County Fair on July 21st, which will be a new experience for him, and I anticipate a great photo opportunity;
  • J has a week at camp the last week of the month; and
  • On the 31st Andy is racing in the Bozeman Triathlon.

Whew!  We are excited about all of these fun things and looking forward to August where there are a few more blank days on the calendar!

Thanks for stopping by!  Blessings to all, and I hope to be more current with updates, but just am not sure where to fit it in with all the other fun!

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  1. Elizabeth Loretto

    I cannot wait to see the pig wrestling photos!!

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