Where We’ve Been Part 1

Haven’t blogged in a while – thought about it lots, but just didn’t sit down on the computer, process photos and get something posted.  So, this is part one of a two-part post about the last few weeks for the AJB boys and me.

In June J had a job – as a balloon boy for a local Mounted Shooting Competition.

He and two friends from school were charged with the responsibility of blowing up balloons and putting them out on a course.

Then the riders came along and shot the balloons with their black powder guns.

And the boys would run back out and replace the balloons so the next rider could shoot them again.  It makes for a very long day of running and blowing up balloons.  This is their second year setting balloons for this event, and they enjoy it – especially when they get paid at the end of the second day. 

Immediately after finishing the balloon setting, J was off to a week of camp with a cabin full of buddies.  That was a lot of fun.  Andy and I spent our week alone working hard during the day – I was wrapping up at my job – and taking walks together in the cool of the evening.

From camp to Big Sky to see J’s cousin in the lead role for a one night only production of Willey Wanka.

The next day we went with Sunrise Pack Station on an afternoon  ride into the north-west corner of Yellowstone National Park.  We know the owners of this enterprise from school – their daughter is in J’s class, and next year Sarah will be his 6th grade teacher.  We had a blast experiencing this part of their family’s talents.  If you ever visit this area, or you are a local looking for a fun family activity, this is well worth the time and money!

We followed up or time on the trail with a stop to visit grandma and Grandpa in Big Sky – they had just come to town and it was a treat to catch up with them.

the next day was July 3rd, and we celebrated the Independence Day a bit early with Daniel and Stacy and their kids along with a whole bunch of fireworks.

Whew!  That takes us up to 10 days ago, and you are probably tired or reading.  So, I’ll end with a few hints at the next installment, which includes traveling by small plane for J, a road trip for Andy and I, a transition from one job to another, and oh so much more!


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One thought on “Where We’ve Been Part 1

  1. Hello! gosh i’ve missed looking at your incredible pictures! glad to see you’re doing well. 🙂

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