The excited voices of women getting together filled my home this morning as four of us gathered to learn to take better photos and hear each other’s stories of mothering, business and life. A beautiful time of connection.

One on one at the karate studio we sit and chat while our children learn the art of self-defense.  Sharing again the stories of being mothers and believers – of facing the challenge of raising boys to men of good character and laughing at the stumbling along the way.  Finding hope in the expression of faith articulated by our sons.

Questions and observations from a boy who wonders about  grown up things in a voice that could only be the clear innocent honesty of a child.  A boy who is working his way to manhood, walking along the way with a man of God to whom I am bound by covenant.  A boy I birthed who all too soon will be the man for some girl I’ve been praying for to lean on and love.

I cannot got through the day without seeing the beautiful tapestry that the Father of All is weaving in our lives to show us a beauty beyond comprehension.

This week I’ve been thankful for so many things:

  • Little girl in her beautiful ballerina dress
  • the company of friends
  • community gathered to help paint a remodeled set of rooms
  • a weekend of relationship building between a boy-man and his dad
  • the heart of a friend shared in comfortable confidence
  • rooms cleared of clutter from years ago
  • grass blooming with purple blossoms that shed dust as we walk through it at thigh height
  • smiling babies
  • grass mowed down to a beautiful blanket of green
  • healthy snacks a picky eater is willing to enjoy
  • a distressed mirror window dropped off on my table unexpectedly



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  1. Beautiful photography & words 🙂 I love what you said about your growing son.

  2. What beautiful photos!

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