Mysterious are God’s ways with the plans of our lives.  Gives a call, and blesses it – allowing fruit to be born over time.  A ministry blossoms.  Prayers are answered, confirmations received, the beauty of God’s work observed.

Then suddenly, just as clearly as it was given, the call is gently removed.  Time to move on to what God has for life in a new direction.  Using the leadership of a godly husband to bring about change, God has acted.  Peace that was never lost settles in anew. It is a time to reflect and weed out those things that do not need to continue to come along.  Baggage to leave behind.  Fresh, beautiful things – habits and outlooks – to be picked up.  Familiar interests from the past that were set aside for the other call are ready to be re-embraced.  Old dreams clamoring to be revitalized.

Time for one calling to end, and another to expand.  Excitement abounds!

Transitions come to all of us.  Some expected, some less so.  Sometimes they come earlier than we wanted.  Other times we wait and wait to be ready for the transition.

Yet each transition offers the chance to clean out our lives.  To scrub away the junk not needed.  To clean out the cobwebs.  Get rid of the baggage we never really needed but hauled around anyway.

This will be a summer of transition for us.  Leaving behind a beloved job and stepping into a new way of fulfilling the helpmate role God ordained for me when I covenanted to be the wife of my handsome husband.  A time of reconnecting with old dreams.  A time of refocusing efforts and renewing team work as husband and wife has come to our lives. 

My days will be spent supporting the heart-work of my criminal defense attorney husband.  My friends at the school will remain my friends, but our time working together day-to-day will end in a few weeks. I will let go of the projects and goals that constitute my office, to embrace the creation of a dream for our family.

It is not a transition without worldly risk.  When are God’s calls ever without worldly risk?  It comes twelve months before we had planned, but the need is suddenly urgent. 

And it is right.

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4 thoughts on “A NEW OLD CALL

  1. Michelle

    I’m so excited for you guys!

  2. Elizabeth Loretto

    Wow! What a change on your horizon! I know it’s right for you guys!

  3. Your faith is amazing….and I too know this is right for you. Blessings!

  4. Your blog touches my heart. Thank you for sharing!

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