at least the part of summer that is characterized by the end of school.

Let the relaxation begin?

Well, sort of.  Sleeping in a bit is in order.  But so are some additional chores.

It’s a whopping 40 degrees and very soggy here, so one Momma is thinking it is time to do some reorganizing and cleaning in the house – toy room less cluttered, furniture moved to new fresh arrangements, log walls dusted.  When the weather warms up we’ll get to the weeding and lawn mowing and hopefully before the summer is over striping and refinishing the logs of our house.

Don’t fret, this is all balanced by plans  to camp, rock climb, go to overnight camp, visit with friends and relatives at lakes and creeks and mountain tops, train for a few races (the whole family!), and afternoons of lounging around in the sun of just lounging around .

We’re also hoping to get at least one bedroom painted.

The neighborhood is preparing for summer as well.  Horses are gone from their winter pastures up the hill, and the cows arrived in other fields just this morning.  Apple trees are getting ready to bud, and the lilacs should be blooming in the next three weeks or so.

We are enjoying this long weekend with Papa home and relaxing.  On this Memorial Day, when we remember those who gave their lives for our country we give thanks for their sacrifices and the sacrifices of their families.  For those who are actively serving now, we honor their commitment to our freedom and their family’s dedication to a lifestyle that would be a struggle for most of us.

I also continue to give thanks for all the little gifts God places in my life on a daily basis.  This week some of those were:

360.  “Juice Box Hero” sung by my boy.

361.  Requests for hugs when things get stressful.

362.  3 miles run with my boy.

363.  Beautiful weather – however short-lived.

364.  Little bits of laughter.

365.  Bargain spring outer-wear.

366.  Possible summer plans with loved ones.

367.  J’s firm handshake.

368.  Lunch on the back deck.

369.  Good hair day.

370.  Bright green grass.

371.  School’s out for summer.

372.  Karate testing – making the list.

373.  Brunch with friends.

374.  Moose seen across a field.

375.  Neighbor’s property purchased by someone who wants to farm it.

376.  Birds flitting everywhere.

377.  Friends to have sleep-overs.

378.  Clean bathrooms.

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