The heart of a mother is a funny thing, experiencing great joy and deep pain simultaneously, leaving the soul grasping for an identity that incorporates both.  Moments of despair and discouragement alternate with glimpses of humor and hope and opportunity.

Bringing my best to my boy means giving both the safe and comforting  wrap of arms in a hug and the firm grasp on his shoulders to bring him to reality.  All the while gulping down the feelings of fear and disappointment and pride and admiration. 

How to sort it all out – only through prayer without ceasing. 

Prayer for wisdom and strength. 

Prayer for making choices that give guidance. 

Prayers of praise for a heart that is so stunningly loving and caring.    

Prayers of lament for a lonely young heart that breaks daily.

Prayers for grace and peace that passes understanding.

Like May weather in Montana, it is a time of winter mixed with signs of spring.

But also a time to give thanks:

  • Smiles during Karate
  • Friends to connect with even after a time of absence
  • Green grass
  • New baby coming to Alicia in December
  • Hugs from my boy
  • Excitement over Sunday School
  • Exuberant singing from my boy during worship
  • Safe travel over difficult roads
  • Women’s retreat
  • Opportunity to connect with friends new and old
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One thought on “CONTRAST

  1. I’m visiting from Ann’s blog – so nice to meet you! I posted a picture of pussy willows too 🙂 It looks like winter is lingering on for you. The snow is finally gone here and spring seems to have arrived – it’s wonderful! May you see His grace all around you this week.

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