In his Easter message yesterday our pastor talked about the fact that many believe in the resurrection of the body of Christ but struggle believing it relevant to their lives.

I’ve been pondering that.

Understanding the relevance of the Easter miracle requires an honest look at self – recognizing the ugly in myself that it is so tempting to ignore and pretend it isn’t there. 

At first it is easier to measure my goodness by the standard of comparing self to others.  Perspective and a critical eye daily allows me to find someone or some act worse than my own.  I build a shelter to hide in by pointing out the failings of others – the consequences they experience that by some miracle of grace is not immediately visible in my life.

Daily I tuck myself into that hollow refuge of not being as bad as others – hiding from the necessary recognition that I fall short of the only standard that counts.

I don’t think I could stay sane if I saw my sin without the cleansing of the cross.  The only way I might survive is to deny my sin and live a lie.  To not live at all, but to die one thought, one little action, one excuse, one deflection of truth at a time.

But there is hope.

Moment by moment, thanks be to God, He finds me in my house of cards and calls me to something better. 

Truth about sin in my life hurts.  embarrasses me really.   Calls me to repentance. 

That truth holds my hand through the submitting of my heart to the  cleansing sacrifice of the only man – God-man really – who ever lived a life worthy of praise.

My sins slap me in the face with the darkness of hell, but the resurrection lights the way to hope and comfort. 

I don’t think I could survive without that hope. 

That is the day-to-day, moment by moment relevance of the resurrection to my life.

And because of that relevance I can give thanks – thanks for the only thing that matters – the power of the resurrection.  And thanks for the gifts the God of forgiveness sprinkles into every moment of my sin-filled undeserving life as proof of His moment by moment presence and love for me.

267.  An elk herd out the back door.

268. A boss who prays for me.

269. The joy of Tank.

270.  Sunshine.

271.  Art inspiration.

272.  My boy’s joyful singing.

273.  Art supplies.

274.  Snow melted away.

275.  Hiking as a family.

276. Easter relevance.

277.  Skipping rocks across the Madison.

278.  My boy’s love or rocks.

279.  Interesting rocks.

280.  Sandhill cranes.

281.  Water running across the landscape.

282.  Snow free trails.

283.  Bible realizations.

284.  perineal plants peeking through the soil.

285.  Crock pot full of dinner.

286.  Hugs from a friend/sister/neighbor.

287.  Jesus was busy on Easter Day.

288.  Time in the garden.

289.  Old letters from loved ones.

290.  Beautiful spring weather.

291.  Holding hands as we walk along.

292.  Light early in the morning.

293.  Light late into the evening.

294.  Easter Monday off from work.

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5 thoughts on “EASTER RELEVANCE

  1. Great list! Sounds like you collect rocks? We do as well—I will enjoy following your gratitude. Blessings to you!

  2. Love your blessings. Your post resounded the pastor’s message on Sunday that we are resurrected daily.

  3. Lovely thoughts for this time of year.

  4. This is just beautiful! I always love to realize kindred spirits. I have had many of those same thoughts which you shared. Sin recognized is actually one of the things I’ve begun to thank God for and add to my 1000 gifts list. When I see it, I can address it. Sometimes that’s hard than other times, but it is hope really. Blessings Susan Beth

  5. I just clicked over from Ann’s Multitude Monday, takes a while to get through them. And first of all – are those pussy willows? Whatever they are – I heart them! And about it being easier to compare with others –as opposed to perfection – I’ve been thinking about that too. And from your list my favorite one this week is – 292. Light early in the morning. I’ve been waking up pre-dawn now for a while – sunrise and the world waking up – heart that. This was a joy to read – thank you – and God Bless and keep you and all of yours this day.

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