There is so much to be thankful for in life!  This practice of looking for God’s gifts in life and being thankful is honestly a blessing beyond anything I could ever have imagined.  And it brings about the miracle of joy – for indeed, the ability to have joy in this fallen world is a miracle, and I experience that miracle daily.

Through this I’m seeing abundance in my life.

It doesn’t make the challenges go away and stay away – evidenced by the vomiting and high fever that visited our house this weekend.  But, it does bring a perspective to life that is useful to overcoming those challenges, or at least walk through them with hope and encouragement, and even joy.

So, while poor J was languishing on the couch with his catch bucket, Andy and I were cleaning the basement and doing loads of laundry – all – day-long!

And as I put away clean laundry I sorted out the stained, too small, worn-out.  I couldn’t help but notice the noticed the abundance:

Hand-me-downs they may be, but the sheer numbers of shirts for my boy’s back is absolute proof of God’s provision in our day-to-day life.  This summer we will not need to purchase short sleeves – and the shorts in the drawers are in proportional abundance.  We are ready for summer – now we just have to wait for the weather to bring it.  

For now there is snow on the ground in abundance, but there is assurance in my heart that we are prepared for the up-coming warm weather.

Here are some other blessings I’ve counted in the  past week:

202.  Running with J.

203.  Green starting to appear in the lawn.

204.  Springtime clothes coming out of the closet.

205. Spring rain storm.

206.  10 and 11 year-old boy conversations.

207.  Beautiful evening lights on the fields.

208.  J getting a good night sleep.

209.  Honest feedback.

210.  Going through 1000 gifts again.

211.  Twilight rays of sun on the mountains.

212.  Woodpecker in a tree as I walk by.

213.  New camera lens takes sharp photos.

214.  The artistic abilities of those around me.

215.  Blue sky showing through dramatic clouds.

216.  Ability to do step aerobics.

217.  Signs of healing in my shoulder

218.  Ability to fit the necessary new appointment into an already busy schedule.

219.  Whole family of three in one car together.

220.  smell of brownies backing.

221.  12th chapter of Hebrews.

222.  Confidence to read my Bible at the Co-Op.

223.  Snow outlining branches on naked trees.

224.  Nice people at school.

225.  Warm covers on a snowy night.

226.  Beautiful photos to enjoy.

227.  Movie night togetherness.

228.  The adventure of making do.

229.  Sickness came without adding to the homework load.

230.  Ginger ale for a boy’s upset tummy.

231.  Laundry folded and put away.

232.  Sunshine warm through the window.

233.  Yummy dinner with pine nuts.

234.  Abundance of summer shirts for J.

235.  connecting with women at church.

236.  Andy’s hand-i-work to organize workout equipment.

237.  Beautiful children’s books.

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