Last fall as Andy had his hip surgery our well pump was acting up.   The result was a new line installed from the pump to the house, and a whole lot of mess in the yard.

But, it was the fall, snow was coming to cover it all up.

Andy was recuperating, and we were all busy catching up on life. 

Honestly we were a bit insulted by the ill-timed breakdown relative to our budget abilities.

So, all we did to address the mess was to make sure the area of the digging was watered so the soil would settle into place.

After watching the snow melt and return and melt again for the past couple of weeks, today I decided it was time to begin to nurture the wound in our yard.

There is a gaping gash in our lawn.  Torn there by the backhoe, digging down six feet or more to install new pipe where it can be safe from freezing.

Pipes that bring clean fresh wonderful life-giving water to our home.  

Now, it is time to move the rocks that were dug up out of the soil so we can encourage grass to grow back and cover the scar.

It’s a dirty job, picking up rocks from the mud.

As I grasped stones the size of my fist and bigger, I couldn’t help but notice  how obvious it is that these stones are river rocks.

Here in Montana, we appreciate the beauty of a river rock.  Like in many other mountain and western communities, river rocks are a prized commodity.  Used in fireplaces, stone work on the outside of houses, and in our case, we use them for a path in our now much over grown garden.

But river rock, here a good mile and a half from the river.  Smooth, rounded stones, clearly worn by running, perhaps rushing, waters.  Some with pink stripes and striations.  Some all grey.  Oval shapes.  Egg-like.  Beautiful. No sharp edges.

All buried just under the surface of the dry soil.  Brought up to the surface.  Laying in my yard.  Sinking into the soft mud.

Representing an intricate interplay between water and dry land.  Rushing waters, tumbling rapids designed to create beauty. 

Beauty that reflects the creativity of the Creator. 

The strength of a loving God exhibited in the ability to change the course of the river.  

Water carving out a new path for itself long before I came along to observe it.

After filing a wheel barrel full of rocks, a natural respect for the ability of the river to move those rocks around develops.

Was this my back yard several centuries ago?

Did the river move a little to the west each year, as the waters carved out a bed of least resistance?

Or did something block its way up-stream, sending it suddenly off in a different direction?

Are these beautiful rocks hidden just below the surface for a mile and a half to the west all the way to the river?

Which ever way it was, I know it was an Act of God – a reflection of His power to change the course of things.

I am humbled when I think that the God who is in control of the course of this river, who allowed it to deposit stones in my yard before He sent it in another direction, that same God is watching over me. 

Guiding me. 

Providing me with a counselor who knows the proper course for me.

Giving me His word as a light along my path.

With each stone I pick up. . .with each clunk of rock hitting the bottom of the wheel barrel . . .I think of a God of strength.  I contemplate the beauty of water sculpting the sharp edges away.

I invite that creative God of strength to shape me.  Sculpt me.  Make me into a beautiful strong rock-like reflection of His power.

He is the God who gives me gifts of beauty – showing Himself to me in the day-to-day events of life.    Giving me gifts to share for this week’s  Multitudes on Monday’s:

158.  Words spoken by my lips that help another – and the silent prayers for wisdom that were answered so quickly!

159.  Guest speakers who bring value to classes.

160.  My boys out in the rain tossing the ball.

161.  Exercise done on a work day.

162. Team work ahead.

163.  An old skirt other people like.

164.  J’s ability to re-start after a homework disappointment.

165.  Pumpkin seed flax granola cereal.

166.  Quick wit of a sweet little girl.

167.  Friendship.

168.  Friendly voice unexpectedly on the other end of a business phone call.

169.  Broken cloud cover on the western horizon at sunset.

170.  People saying yes to requests for help.

171.  Three robins spotted in one day.

172.  Pam’s cheerful God honoring attitude shared with me.

173.  Excitement for school activities.

175.  Inventions of fourth grade boys.

176.  Lost treasures found.

177.  Cookies for hardworking men.

180.  Yellow light through snowing clouds.

182.  New worship team.

183.  River rocks in my back yard.

184.  Snuffle of a dog snoring in the corner on his bed.

185.  Walk with my beloved.

186.  Words of encouragement from someone I respect.

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6 thoughts on “STONES OF STRENGTH

  1. Beautiful! Love finding Him in the everyday!

    • I heart Mondays nowadays, and I’m here from Ann’s.

      First – the finding of those river rocks – the history – and how you thought of God in it – beautiful – I heart this, “with each clunk of rock hitting the bottom of the wheel barrel . . .I think of a God of strength.” And my favorite from your list today – 183. River rocks in my back yard. (I kinda didn’t have a choice :))

      God Bless and keep you and yours

  2. Your photos are beautiful. God Bless!

  3. “Lost treasures found”…always something to be thankful for! Enjoyed your list of gifts today.

  4. what a beautiful post 🙂 i had a conversation with my five year old just the other night about how God uses challenges in our lives to build our character, just like running river water with stones. and how it takes a long time with water running over the same rough edges over and over again… it was a great picture thought for him.

    thanks for sharing your thoughts 🙂

  5. Wow!!! I just loved this post today! Mainly because we don’t have ANY rocks here in Florida. We go to rock yards and pay a fortune for a little pile of rocks like the ones that went kerplunk in your wheelbarrow. I grew up in New Jersey — a place that had brooks and streams full of rocks. I took them for granted as a kid. So your post today was precious to me — in memories and also in the lessons learned.

    I also loved the the finding of lost things. Makes them all the more precious, doesn’t it?

    Thank you again for your post today!!!!

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