Spring break is over – today we go back to school.  Bitter sweet to end the freedom of a week off from zooming into town each morning.  Love a week of being at home!

Many special gifts from God this week!

128.  Sounds of water rushing in Cottonwood Creek

129.  My boy sleeping in – resting his tired soul, revitalizing his body

133.  J running in our field – for a mile – on his how initiative

136.  Exercise sweat

138.  Friends laughing around the dinner table

139.  Baby on his way

140.  Little wrinkled elf ears like his father

142.  Holding a two-hour old bundle of joy

144.  Healthy baby, healthy momma

145.  Father son spring skiing day

146.  New baby squeaks

150.  J’s eyes when he laughs

153.  Children delighting in a mild spring day outdoors – see photo above as they capture a gopher.

154.  Deer grazing on the hill behind our house

155.  Andy reading to J – they started The Hobbit tonight

157.  Hugging J tonight – holding him tight.

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  1. Jeremy & Alicia

    Congratulations Aunt Susan (or would that be Aunt Sue?)! Can’t wait to see pictures of my newest cousin! Tell the happy Daddy congratulations from us, and tell the happy Mommy “Way to go!”.

  2. I love that BW conversion! great photo!

  3. Congrats on a new baby in the family – love being an Aunt!! Love your barn photo!

  4. juls2000

    Now it’s the countdown to summer! Love your list!!

  5. Love your list – what a nice reminder of your blessings. 🙂

  6. Oh goodness, your spring break is already over? Ours has just begun! There is nothing better than mild spring days to run about!
    Stopping by from Ann’s, many blessings to you!


  7. Holding new babies —- always priceless, and always a miracle in the arms! How precious! Thank you for your list today! Glad I was here to celebrate life!

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