Isn’t this bike just the perfect symbol of Spring Break in Montana?  Super cook pink bike (with flowers on it as shown in the photo below) leaned against barbed wire fencing in the snow.  And those aren’t white walls on the tires, its snow!  This was something I saw and snapped a photo of yesterday on my way home from dropping J off at school.

I started spring break a bit early yesterday by not working because of what I think is a sinus infection.  Feeling better today after taking some meds yesterday.  Ended up being a pretty relaxing day, and I even got time in my craft room:

I really want this spring break to be a time of rejuvenation.  Time to exercise, read my Bible daily, hang with my boys, maybe have a family outing (plans are in the works) and to get back my normal energy level.   The timing of this break could not be any more perfect, coming a week after the big event at work, giving me time to tie up the loose ends from that and then allowing a time of relaxation.

Here are a few of the gifts of grace from God that I have noticed over the past few days on my way to counting 1000 gifts:

95.  Bird song returning to the frozen landscape

98.  J’s love of hugs

103.  Mangos and Oranges

106.  Laughs with my husband

108.  Sweet potato and goat cheese flavors mixed together

114.  Hills with patches of snow, making them look like painted ponies.

116.  Bunnies running across my path early in the morning.

For these and much more I am thankful to the God of the Universe – that he would see fit to bless my life with these little joys is such proof that He loves me and I can trust Him in all aspects of my life.

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2 thoughts on “SPRING BREAK IS HERE!

  1. juls2000

    That bike is so cute and the picture is gorgeous!!! Beautiful page!!! Enjoy your spring break!

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