Tap, tap, tap . . .

. . . is anybody still checking in here? 

Thank you for hanging with me through an unusual time of quiet.  It has been a time of transition of my heart – an overflowing of activities and concerns and joy and challenge.

Life has been overfull the last couple of weeks, there have been some tough spots and some break through moments.  Challenges and opportunities.

This week is the big annual fundraiser at work – meaning I am kicked into high gear in a marathon of work.  It has been busy and exhausting. 

But that is not a complaint.  

It just takes a lot of work, and a lot of energy to get the job done. 

The students are doing a production of Shakespeare’s Much Ado About Nothing at a really cool theater this coming Thursday, Friday, and Saturday evenings.  I am in charge of the publicity, ticket sales, the raffle, getting the program printed and assembled, and most importantly, the 90 sponsors we got.  It is all do-able and none of it terribly unpleasant, it is just a large volume of work overflowing the banks of my usual schedule, overflows a bit, but not a dangerous leaving  of the proper course of things.

I also started a new thing in my personal life – One Thousand Gifts

It is a wonderful book about being thankful.  But let me be clear, it is not just being thankful, it is being thankful to GOD.  Being thankful for the hard things.  Being thankful through every aspect of life.

But getting to this point takes a bit of training of my heart, mind and attitude.  So, to do that, I’m making a list – to get to One-Thousand.  I’ll share a few of my things at the bottom of this post and from now on at the end of all my posts. 

This book has brought back an opportunity in my life as well – a chance to teach women at church again.  I really like teaching, and I have done it in the past, but not for a long time. 

Not since I got sick over 18 months ago. 

Not since I started working full-time. 

When the opportunity first presented itself I confidently said to myself – “Yes, this will be fun, and I’m excited about it.”

Then, a crisis of confidence – Do I have the time? 

Even more – Do I have the ability to take these awesome materials and do them justice so the women want to be in the class, and get something out of it? 

Do I “still have it” to teach in a way that is personal to the students so they apply the lessons deep into their lives and not stay at a superficial level with what they learn? 

For that matter, did I ever “have it?”

Will my “teaching style” be effective with the women or am I just a warm body willing to step up to the front of the room and . . . well, be a control freak who likes to be in charge?

Prayer was needed.  Prayers were made.

I concluded that I’m doing it.  My husband is fully behind this, which made it all the easier. 

The materials are fantastic! 

The ladies who might be in the class are amazing! 

And the God who has placed this in my path is wise and good and purposeful and exciting and wants the best for me and the ladies who will be in the class. 

So, we’re going for it!  I will be PROACTIVE in preparing for this class, making sure I offer every opportunity for impact on women’s lives to the glory of God – all done knowing that it is really the Spirit who is doing this, using me as a tool.  Creating a chance for women to grow closer to Him.

Now, for some random gifts God has given in the last few weeks for which I am grateful that He would place these things in my life for me to notice and realize just how much He loves me:

2.  Sunlight reflecting off the topside of a cloud all golden and glowing;

6. Goals coming within reach;

11. perseverance from the Holy Spirit to run against the wind;

19. The song of a chick-a-dee on a quiet morning;

40.  Huge moon rising over the Bridgers

46.  Good drinking water;

54.  Warm cat body against my legs under the covers on a cold night;

62. Shadows of naked cottonwood trees against a storm darkened sky;

63.  Temperatures above 10 degrees when I wake up;

74.  Three bald eagles in one tree;

79. A baby coming soon (not mine!)

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7 thoughts on “Tap, tap, tap . . .

  1. I wish you much peace and luck!

  2. wishing you calm and patience as you get through this busy time!

  3. that is a great list of things to be grateful for

  4. Denise

    From the way you write your blog I can tell you would be an amazing teacher. Your grateful list is full of amazing items.

  5. Such a lovely post! And a great reminder to be grateful for the little things. Good luck in your new teaching venture!

  6. What a great post! Good luck! Wishing you peace in this busy time!

  7. Jeff S

    yep, have it in rss feed reader 🙂

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