We have four couches in our home.  Not all in the same room, but two in the family room.

For a family of three, that’s pretty generous.

But they don’t all get used.  Just one.  Because . . . well, because it would be a shame to be across the room from one another when you could be scrunched up on one little love seat together.  Don’t you agree?

I love it that J is so cuddly, even as he grows into that pre-teen awkwardness.

He still asks for hugs regularly.

Loves his baths.

Drags out his school work.

Enjoys seafood.

Hates to be upstairs by himself.

Can’t wait for his papa to get home from work every evening!

Is excited about the Valentine cards he bought for his class tomorrow.

I love his pure innocence.  The fact that his feelings are written all over his face.

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3 thoughts on “FOUR COUCHES

  1. My eight year old son is still the same way about being upstairs alone in our house! to funny 🙂

  2. Such sweet comments about your son! Would make a great page!

  3. so sweet!

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